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Doing Fun Things with Friends without Spending Much


With friends, doing activities together is such great fun, but, sometimes, everyone gets tired of doing the same bonding routine, hanging out to eateries or bars and spending a lot of money, eating and drinking. Actually, there are so many places to try out, without spending much, and still have fun.


Holding a yard sale with your circle of friends is a fun event and, when done together, everyone will be earning fast cash which you and your friends can plan on how to use it for either a get together travel trip or another fun rendezvous with the gang. Just make sure that when you and your friends agree to put up a yard sale, each one will work out what clothes and items to sell and each displaying a different item and not compete with each other's belongings.


If your friends agree to do volunteer work, discuss this well as to what kind of volunteer work will most of your friends love to do - will it be feeding the homeless, volunteer assistance to a nursing home or with kids at the YMCA, whatever will be decided, what matters is the united effort of being together, doing such activities, and having fun while doing it.


Most parks have courts and fields for free where any group can play ball. Invite your friends on one weekend to play ball and play for fun, for friendship, for a little bit of competition, and for some good time of playing a sport that your group love most and will agree to shed some ounces of sweat to beat boredom and take the best time to exercise, go here to know more!


Another good idea is to work out with friends for some weekend biking, following an agreed trail near your locality which is open to bikers and picnic enthusiasts. If your friends will love the idea, prepare to grab your bike and try biking in a convoy, giving each one a map where the intended trail has been mapped out for everyone to cycle through those bike lanes. Check this homepage to know more!


While you and your friends are into biking, you may also include a fun activity, such as a scavenger hunt. Discuss and agree what to look for, without taking too much time in one place, as you and your friends may not be able to complete the cycling trail due to a slight delay.


Concerts in the park are usually free. Get the gang to watch a concert, especially when summer nights are long, and being together to see a live concert and have fun listening to good music is the best way to chill out on a hot summer night with friends. To get more ideas on what activities to do in Springfield Missouri, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/outdoor+travel/.